About us Dr Anna Supińska

I have been fascinated with aesthetic medicine procedures for years. The possibility of preventing the ageing process, minimisation of its impact and the correction of facial features are the topics that aroused my enthusiasm. However, the fact that only professional courses were available for doctors who wanted to specialise in this field was something that restrained me from delving into this area. The creation of a postgraduate program at the Medical University of Warsaw in the field of aesthetic medicine has given me the opportunity to thoroughly prepare myself for this task. The extensive knowledge gained there and in numerous practical courses and trainings in Poland and abroad enabled me to realise my passions with a much greater degree of security, which is the most important thing for my patients and for me. Bearing this in mind, I also selected a team of exceptional specialists.

The employees are the most important element of any company. The personnel is the best showcase of the company, and the employee skills are a living advertisement. There was no other option - we had to select the best professionals!
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