22 Lut 2021



Mesotherapy is a treatment involving intradermal or subcutaneous administration of the lowest effective doses of preparations to a limited area of skin surface after prior application of anaesthetic cream to the site of treatment. The procedure is carried out using a very fine needle. The injection depth is 2-4 mm. The areas for mesotherapy are: the forehead, eye area (lower and upper lids), lip area, neck, neckline, hands, flabby skin on the arms, abdomen, inner part of thighs, knees. Appropriate protocols are developed depending on the preparation to be applied. Often there are 4 sessions every 2-4 weeks.


  • slowing the skin ageing process and skin rejuvenation
  • elimination of tiny wrinkles
  • elimination of discolourations
  • improvement of skin firmness
  • prevention and reduction of cellulite
  • prevention and treatment of hair loss, hair strengthening


  • focal skin inflammation, uncontrolled diabetes, antibiotic treatment, chemotherapy, pregnancy, breast feeding


Visibly reduced wrinkles. The skin is moisturised, firm, evenly coloured and lighter. The face looks younger and rested.


  • The price depends on the preparation and the area subjected to mesotherapy. Eyes from:250 zł – 300 zł
  • The price depends on the preparation and the area subjected to mesotherapy. Face from:400 zł – 700 zł

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